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                                  What People Are Saying About

Archangel Michael Conference Calls

What can I say about yesterday's conference call with you and Archangel Michael and all the other Divine Ones. It was just the best. So wonderful. I was awed by it all to be a part of it. I felt the energies, saw lots of colors and felt wonderful feelings and felt loved and like before, in the company of Home.
- Era

At one of the conference calls Archangel Michael touched my cheek. I cherish that moment because I am realizing just what it took for him to do that.
- Susan

       Akashic Readings

OHHHHHHHH thank you, thank you !!!!! The reading is "right-on"!!! It comforted me greatly and yes, my path is all for enlightenment. 
- Nadine

This reading has been the most awesome, magnificent, healing and truly resonating reading I have ever had !!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! After seven most dark years, I now feel I can have a life again - I am most grateful!
- Ingrid

I wish you to know how deeply my reading has touched me for its accuracy on how I have felt and feel on me and my journey. I sit in silence and soak in its beauty, so perfect it's been for me and has me feel. It gives me such profound peace and clarity.

"The reading was a masterpiece for me, and gratitude flows from me to you for I have received a gift beyond measure but not beyond attainment..


I am just now finishing Archangel Michaels's book on Earth History!    It   wakes me up like nothing else I have EVER, EVER, read before.
- Maryann

Conversations With Caesar is one of the mot fascinating books I have ever read! I am reading it slowly so I can savor every word and the images they conjure. I thoroughly enjoy Caesar's plainspoken manner and his forthrightness about his life and values. His humility in evaluating his triumphs and honesty about his failures is touching. Your notes are impressive! Carolyn, CONGRATULATIONS ON A MAGNIFICIENT  WORK.
Suzanne Ward, author
Matthew, Tell Me About Heaven

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