Spirituality in the Mundane

It is tempting to believe that the sublime can only be appreciated during meditation and deep thought. The classic image of the guru or hermit communing with nature and achieving inner peace is certainly not without its merits. A life free of distraction is indeed a life receptive to peace but we can’t all pick up and live in tranquil landscapes.

It is important therefore to learn how to see the potential for bliss in our everyday lives. After all, spirituality is an important way of recovering our world from the chaos that often surrounds us.

Inner World

During our daily routines, we can end up losing sight of our deeper selves. We are busy retaining a certain amount of distance between ourselves and others or finding ways to keep some kind of status amongst our peers. It can lead us into poor habits of communication and interaction and undermine our ability to feel self-worth.

One way of combating the lethargy of the mundane is allowing our inner world to inform our outer world. As children, our inner worlds formed a greater part of our personality and kept life fun and interesting. As we get older it is more difficult to access our inner world and check in with our true selves to check that we are moving in a direction we are truly comfortable with.

Life Goals

Once we have accessed our inner worlds and formed a deeper connection with our spiritual self we can begin to look further down our road and understand our future. This is not to say self-understanding necessarily means seismic shifts to our lives. Whether you are an office administrator in Franklin TN or concrete contractors Henderson NV, your life goals will be based on what truly makes you happy. Ultimately that is how you interact with the forces in your life.

Our life goals are often based on how we want to bring our inner worlds and outer worlds together. If our personal spirituality permeates our daily work life we find our inner world changing, expanding in union with what is possible rather than impossible. Our life goals, though they can seem very specific at times, are often deeper than getting a promotion, buying a car or extension for our house. They represent the ideal of happiness that we strive to seek, and it is that ideal which should lead the way.


For some of us, the thought of routine is like a form of prison. Repetition can be incredibly dull and, if we let it,  can lead us towards despair and resentment. Unfortunately, repetition can be incredibly damaging and spiritually draining. But routine is always to be expected in life. It can be as important to our spiritual health as breathing.

It is important then, to take a mature and proactive approach to repetition and routine. We know it must be part of life, so why not take a longer view of your routine? Those moments when you can operate on autopilot, it is possible to keep a long view of yourself, access your inner world and approach your routine as you would a prayer, a chant or a meditation.

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