The Soul Journey of Jeshua

Painting by and Copyright 1986 Nanette Crist
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As we approach that time referred to by many as Ascension, the time has come to reveal the truth about the life of the one we know as Jeshua or Jesus.

It is coming forth as a series of questions provided by the spiritual hierarchy, the answers to which have been brought forth by the visionary, Carolyn Evers. Carolyn’s angelic self is Alorah. Alorah is the High Cherubim, the first being created after the seraphim angels and before any other souls in the cosmos. Alorah has access to all of the records of the cosmos. Most of the answers are coming forth from Alorah.

This dialogue is bringing forth sacred knowledge, knowledge which has been either hidden from those who would misuse it or buried by those who would prevent mankind from knowing the truth about ourselves and about the life of Jeshua.

Many accepted views of Jeshua’s life, why he came and how he lived and died are being corrected. This will shake the foundations of the beliefs of many people. It is time for the truth to be made known.

It is coming forth as a series of recordings because the voice carries not only the meaning of the words; it carries the energy of the one who is providing the message, in this case primarily Alorah. There is great power in this delivery and as you listen to it, you will most likely feel this energy. The questions include:

Who was Jeshua?

Who is the Mother? We speak here of the soul, her origins as related to planet earth.

Who is the spouse? Many do not consider Jeshua and Mary Magdalene married, but we consider this to be true.

Did the pair have children and if so what was the purpose?

Why was Jeshua crucified, and was it part of the plan before he came to earth to incarnate?

Today does humanity carry the DNA from this couple and what is the purpose?

Who were the Magi?

What role did they play in Jeshua’s life?

Getting back to Jeshua for a moment, did he die on the cross?

How is Jeshua’s life connected to Ascension?

What is Ascension really about?

Will the soul that sent forth the one we know as Jeshua return and if so, when and for what purpose?

And many, many more.

Some of the answers may shock you. It will forever change your perception and understanding of the reality in which we live.

As I said, this is sacred knowledge whose time has come.

Here are a few snippets from the recordings.

Who was Jeshua?

Did Jeshua and Mary Magdalene have children?

Did Jeshua plan to be crucified?

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I have just listened to Volume 2.  I feel like many missing pieces are gradually coming together.  They are ancient missing pieces and so I am finding myself staring intently into my memory.  After listening to the first Volume I later found myself gathering up and reintegrating what I feel are my soul fragments.  This has happened a couple of times now and started after the last Lord Metatron conference call.  It is a beautiful experience like arriving back home after a tremendously long and arduous journey.  The feeling of this is like collecting and assimilating star-like particles into my being which then slowly and gradually effect a growing change from within me.  My description feels a bit clumsy, as the experience is essence-like.

Before listening to these volumes I found myself asking lots of questions about Jesus Christ which is not really usual even though I have had very close encounters with him, including one recently after a nasty attack/shredding.  So, you can image how astounded I was to receive your emails offering these sacred Volumes.  This has been very synchronicitous and wonderful and yet it hasn’t sunk into a permanent state of being which is to be expected.  However, I feel that some powerful seeds have been planted which like my soul fragments will grow and keep growing.  It is done then, the wheels have been set in motion.  At times I feel extreme humility, gratitude and love, mixed with unrest, impatience and frustration.

I look forward to resting now to see what new experience happens tonight because I sense there will be one.

There is such a power and truth here that it is both sobering and miraculous.

I wish you much peace and love.


February 26, 2019