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Free Manifesting Conference Calls

My dear friends and I consider all of you my friends as I have been given the keys of consciousness between Heaven and Humanity.
I come forth this time to express my concern at the lack of discernment with regard to the economic times and the news spreading around on the internet and in the news reporting in every venue.
Last month I spoke of discernment and now since so many are being laid off from their work and there is continual reporting of dire economic news, I must come forth and mention that this is an illusion.
I know if one in your family has lost their job, this is not an illusion for them as they must pay their monthly bills.
But those who are not in that situation must view what is going around them in a light of peace and stability. We will be having a class on my conference call to teach you how to stay in the center of the calm and allow all the discord to pass around you.
If you are one who is out of a job and would like to join us but do not have the funds at this time, we will offer a separate FREE conference call for you so that you may manifest income in your life. Notice I did not say a job. You will find that in these times manifesting money and prosperity may not come to you as in a traditional job.
  Archangel Metatron

November, 2008

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