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Soul Healing with Lord Metatron

and other Masters  

Sign up for a live Soul Healing Session with Dr. Richard Presser, with the Masters in attendance.

These calls last up to 90 minutes.

We will connect via the telephone or Skype and call in the Masters to help clear your entire negative karmic past with the karmic clearing command we have been given. Each call is tailored based on the participant's individual needs.

We record the call so that you can download it and listen to it as many times as you wish.

Let me share with you the words of some who have received a soul healing:

Having "sat in" on the session of my French wife Nicole, to help with any language misunderstandings, I knew what to expect with my own Soul Healing. But how different to take part myself! It was one of the most profound and illuminating experiences of my life. Carolyn and Richard are so good at their jobs, they explain and teach so clearly, in a friendly and patient way, and the session is above all a learning experience - even for someone who thought he knew "all about" his past and what's what, little did I know what was in store for me and the new skills I would learn so quickly and effectively. Most surprising for me was the presence of extra-terrestrials who knew me from my time before this planet and Buddhists who were teachers from my time as a monk over a thousand years ago. I felt their presence as warm hands on my head and back as well - so incredibly moving: they and many others cared enough to come. Father God confirmed some things I already knew - my participation as an apostle and leader of the early Christian Church, and my mission in this life to aid in the Ascension of Mankind - but hearing this from such a source was again, incredibly heart-warming. And Mary, like Carolyn, a sweetheart - one can only love such beautiful beings. Richard did my Karmic Clearing... an oppressive weight (that I hadn't even realized was there before) lifted from my head and shoulders as fear and self-doubt dissipated and were no longer part of my identity. The best point: when I had learned how to contact a discarnate being, I was able to speak to my father - my wonderful, loving father - who died six years ago. He said he was lonely because he's waiting for the arrival of my mother, who is 94 and I know, eager to reunite with him. Mon dieu. Truly, this Soul Healing is a crucial step for every person who seeks freedom and enlightenment.   With love and best wishes, Peter ----------------------------------------------------------------- Peter Shepherd, Founder & Webmaster Trans4mind - "Minds, like parachutes, function better when open"

Thank you for healing conference call on May 1/2010. It took a while for me to feel the effects of the karma clearing command and to understand it, for I am slow and am 65 years old. This is after I read "the 2012 time line" and article by Mother Mary and Jeshua on clearing command. Now I understand and feel effects of karma clearing command. Call in Jeshua, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene or Father God at work and feel so much love and joy, I want to cry. I feel  the love wash am aware of nothing else. It is like spiritual high. After work, buy groceries and walk across parking lot, am not aware of cars am so in joy and peace. Have felt love wash before but not very often, is now every day. I feel good in body, My cancer is gone. Just my hearing is still bad ,but can start the healing.  I now know I can live past 2012 to see the great shift in physical, This means so much to me. I also notice people respond to me more often from the heart. Is this coincidence or not? I keep working with the recording understand it at deeper and deeper levels. In love and light Alvin Schultz


My family members (I have a large family) are calling and wanting me to share our session from yesterday. It is good for as I share with them, I retain more of what was said in the session for myself. Repetition is the mother of learning and by the time I share with them all, I should have it down pat. I will be working with the tools you gave me diligently for the next 30 days.  Thank you and thank you Carolyn.  

Yes, you may share my brother Danny bringing all my deceased relatives with him. I must mention again my family is large, I have experienced death many times over & over from young child on. The people or spirits he brought with him are so precious to me. Last night after the call we visited again, I received a gift from each of them and the sadness that I carried has lifted. How can I be sad when they are so happy, busy and fulfilled? Then my brother Danny & I returned to childhood and laid in the grass again, telling one another what the shapes of the clouds looked like and giggled and giggled. As I go about my work today it will be with a renewed sense of the holy whole and I AM. And I am going to giggle.

Bless you both

To listen to Kate connecting with her brother Danny, click here
The clearing of all negative past life karmic energies using the karmic clearing command is a key aspect of the session. Click here to listen to Barbara's magical experience.


 The following is from another participant in a Soul Healing:  

The memory of my Soul Healing call will last forever. This is all just so much fun now. I learned so much on the call that is so simple, but the process was not known to me. The personal connection to Lord Metatron is priceless, needless to say. What a BLESSING!  

I will keep in touch and let you know what miraculous changes I am experiencing.  

I cannot thank you enough for your part in this amazing process. Your voice alone has a soothing and healing resonance. You are my hero! If there is anything I can ever do to assist you, just ask. If it is at all within my realm of possibility I will do it happily.

The call was such a memorable experience, and I am having fun making the changes "my body" spoke to me about. It helps to listen to the call over and over, as I am reminded of all of the things I am intending. Lord Metatron and your assistance is making a fantastic change in my life. Every day is a new adventure now. I am so glad I asked for the Soul Healing.  

Blessings, joy, peace, harmony and love,

And then...

I just had to send you another update. I had a marvellous experience with Lord Metatron on Sunday night/Monday morning. Lord Metatron suggested I write down, on paper, all of the things in my life that I have done that I still think about from time to time. I wrote them down in a journal I have, and Lord Metatron had me open the journal to the two pages I had written on so he could completely cleanse them for me overnight. I had written halfway in the journal since the beginning was full. I put a paperweight on them so they didn't blow closed by my fan. When I got up the next morning, Mon. June 8th, the paperweight was moved, and the journal was closed, all except for the cover. I immediately got the message that "The book is closed on these issues." I grinned from ear to ear and thanked Lord Metatron for the cleansing. He then had me light a candle and safely burn the two pages with the flame from the candle, until only ashes remained. Then, he told me to take the ashes to a garbage can away from my house and throw them away. What a wonderful ceremony that was!!

This is just one of the many ways Lord Metatron has been connecting with me since May 22nd and the Soul Healing call with you.

Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart, for the new-found freedom you and Lord Metatron have brought to my life. Every day I am clearing, cleansing and preparing for Ascension.

Love, peace, joy and harmony,

Since these messages, Dorothy has reported a significant reduction in her pain medication.   And this from others...     ...Btw, I had a soul reading with Carolyn and Lord Metatron and let me tell you my life hasn't been the same.  So many positive things have come into my life and I can't thank you guys enough for being available to the world.  I wish all of my family could have a soul reading.  I have been learning to work with auras and the power of light and colour and the benefits have been almost immediate to my family members and partner that I have been practising on.  I am a musician and my music making has been so much better as well.  I know this is real and I can't thank you guys enough for showing me the way.  Thank you.

Anthony Anurca

PS I was nervous about paying so much but I felt it was worth every penny of it.

I so enjoyed meeting you both on the phone last Tuesday.  Thank you again and again for your attention, assistance, teaching, and especially for bringing through for me Gaia, and Father God.  Hearing his voice, his words, and his message so indescribably touched and comforted me.  The words he brought forth about teaching and transforming my body were inspiring.  I so needed that clue about myself and what I wanted to do in coming here this time around.   I wonder now what life I worked with both of you in, what specifically that work was.  And so, also what it will be this time.  I don't know if it was appropriate then to ask Father God about it.  In retrospect I wish I had said more to him than just 'Thank you'.  I really was crazy nervous and so busy pinching myself that he was speaking to me.  AMAZING.  I feel so lucky and excited about that.  Thank you.

Jan Corbin

Thank you, once again, for taking the time to be on the conference call today.  I am still walking around with my mouth gaping open in awe and disbelief.  The information given to me is beyond my expectations!   

The loving messages from Father God, Mother Mary, Jeshua, Lord Metatron and all the other Angelic Beings moved me to tears.  The tools you have given me will help me in my meditations and spiritual work in the next 30 days and beyond, and will help open myself up to my potential.   

I look forward to working with both of you in the future.

Many blessings to you dear souls!  

In joy and peace,

I just wanted to extend to you both my deepest thanks for the conference call on Tuesday.  I feel much different than before in the best possible way, and have gained so much clarity from what we spoke of.  It was truly a milestone for me in this life that I will never forget.  I have a question for you both regarding my practice in communicating with the wonderful beings we worked with on that day. I know it is early in the process, but is there a way for me to be sure it is not my hopeful mind speaking back to me when I ask my questions to someone like Lord Metatron?  

I really appreciate your assistance,  and I hope you are both doing extremely well.  

I send my love.  
Zach Newlands

It was scary trusting complete strangers from the internet, but after listening to Carolyn's channellings and trying Richard's easy meditation; I went for the soul healing!

In about ninety minutes, Carolyn and Richard snapped the pieces of my life back together. I found out the past life pattern that caused the cancer, and it was cleared. I also found out who the Star People are that have been visiting me in my backyard for the past several months in their scout ships, and why they are here. I knew them from Venus, and they are here to help me on my mission!!

Sounds nuts, but my life makes complete sense now. One of the coolest things I learned was who this Ultramarine Blue being is that is near me at all times, and how to communicate with him. He's my True Love and Soul Partner!!!! He's also the commander of the ships, and has been directing them to visit me, and help me feel less alone. I'm glad I have hundreds of photographs of all these ships and beings; otherwise I might not believe it myself!! :)

Carolyn and Richard are everything they say they are and more.
Sandra in San Diego, Ca

It took me a few days to sit to write you; since our conference call just all changed things for this soul!!

Blessings, Love, Light and Joy for you!!!!!!!! I feel so honoured that I found you in this path your beautiful souls helped me to wake up.

For the first time I can see myself in the mirror and say what a cute body this magnificent soul chose for this ride!!!, that I remember now! I AM, I AM, IAM.

My physical body is changing; I’m not around here all the time. Where do I go?? Don’t know. Everywhere. It’s like I can connect everywhere.  It’s like I have a very long cordon of light energy - unlimited - and I just go.  I don’t have to see stars; I just think and I’m there! And my body temperature has been changing but I feel great!! A friend of mine says that I’m glowing!!

I just smile and keep sending my love to everyone and all the things and to nature. The beauty of your voices resonates all day and night in my soul and Richard, since you offered I know now I’m absorbing a lot of sadness but don’t know sometimes how to transmute it so I will be sending it to you my friend!!!! Also my feet looking good!! (A past life that was causing an infection in her feet was cleared). Thank you so much!

The best I feel more love, love, love to share, to send; it’s unlimited!!

I can’t remember the feeling of the word ""worry"" for silly things at all!!!!!Thank you for being my friends!!! I don’t know what fear is any more!!!

So I’m here to follow your instructions or any suggestions!!!

I will check the other conference calls to join!!!

I Love You!!!

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