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About Us

My mission is to work with Masters and Archangels bringing forth information from the higher realms. I remember many of my past lifetimes where I was sent to Earth to help bring in a Golden Age. This is another opportunity to continue this work for we again approach another Golden Age. I always come with my Soul Mate who this time incarnated as my son in this lifetime. He is now in spirit and helps with this work from the other side.  

About Me
My name is Carolyn Evers. I have developed my gifts over many lifetimes  working for spirit. Besides the many books given to me from the Masters, I am a conduit for their conference calls. The energy from the Masters such as Jeshua, Master Kuthumi, Mother Mary, Pope John Paul II, and Archangel Michael, and now Archangel Metatron comes to you who attend the conference call, through my physical body. I hold the space between them and you where you can not only feel their energy, but you can grow spiritually from their great knowledge and compassion. I believe these are life altering experiences and urge you to join us.    

I have the ability to send a portion of my mind to the center of the cosmos where soul records are held in trust for Source by the cherubim angels. This is your record from the very first moment when Source called your soul from out of nothingness to the present moment. The information that you can find about yourself in your records again can be life altering. More information can be found at or
Steve Fossett is a soul that resides in the high astral plane now. You might remember Steve and the fact that he disappeared last year and no matter how many searched from him, he or his airplane was not found. You can find his story at

My Son
In my many lifetimes together, I remember the two of us sharing every possible relationship. Sometimes we were lovers, siblings, father and daughter, mother and son. The history of our journey and the remembrance of some of our lifetimes together can be found at It is listed as a free e-book.   This time he acts as my guide on the other side. He makes certain that only those come to me who have the authority to work with me.  When I travel to places that we have lived before, he holds back the curtain of time and I step in to view and relive our lifetimes together,

Metatron's Cube

Metatron's Cube represents the gridwork of our consciousness and the framework of our Universe. It is the Matrix in which everything is contained in our three dimensional being.

More information can be found at